CMR are your go-to luxury home builders on the Gold Coast.

Our Gold Coast luxury home builders will build your dream home from the ground up.

Bring us your architectural designs or, we can turn your ideas and concepts into plans for your perfect home. We have been luxury home builders on the Gold Coast for 25+ years!

CMR is a premium construction company on the Gold Coast. We are a one-stop shop offering luxurious, high-end home designs and builds. From the initial concept and detailed architectural drawings through the building, landscaping, and clearing of the site, customers can count on the expertise of CMR Gold Coast luxury home builders.

We are one of the leading Gold Coast high-end luxury home builders.

Perfection is standard for the team at CMR. If we are willing to put in hours of labour, care, and detailed attention into our own homes, we are going to go above and beyond that for our clients. Building a new home is stressful and a giant financial investment for families. Our clients trust us to deliver a home that pays attention to every aspect of their design while getting their homes built on time and within budget. We are one of the Gold Coast’s leading high-end luxury home builders because we treat every home we build as if we are building our own home.

Our Gold Coast luxury home contruction expert can assist you in designing both the interior and the exterior of your new custom built home.

From conception through completion, we work on all the details that will make your house a home. We are focused on creating a luxurious lifestyle for you and your family, not just a dwelling. CMR are experienced experts in luxury home construction

Throughout the process, we listen to our customer’s needs and wants and meet them with innovative technology and building techniques. The quality of workmanship put into your home is backed by over 30 years of industry experience.

At CMR, we offer new custom-built luxury homes on the Gold Coast to customers who already have their plans ready to go. If you have hired your architect and have your dream home plans ready to go, we can turn your vision into a reality.

We’ll use your architectural plans and completely build your home detail by detail, board by board, from the ground up. From foundation to finish, CMR creates a breathtaking new home on your chosen parcel of land. We have a passion for perfection that shines in all we do. We give our customers peace of mind that is backed by clear deliverables. If you need a highly experienced luxury home builder on the Gold Coast, contact us!

At CMR luxury home construction company, we guide our clients through our process from start to finish, including everything they need to customise the interior and exterior of their new dream home.

Our all-inclusive design and build process provides consistency for our clients with every job we complete. Included in our fixed-price service package are

  • Initial concept ideas
  • Detailed architectural drawings/ 3D renderings
  • Engineering plans
  • Council and relaxation approvals
  • Foundation work
  • Building
  • Landscaping
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Leading luxury custom home builders on the Gold Coast

As leading luxury custom home builders on the Gold Coast, CMR brings everything to the table. You can rely on CMR through and through!
  • We provide all our own trucks and machinery​
  • We ensure the right resources are allocated to your site when needed​
  • We work with established tradespeople who are experienced professionals in their fields​
  • We know every detail of your build and make sure it is completed by people who are leaders in their professions; our project managers keep your luxury custom home build on track from beginning to end.​


Most people wanting a new luxury home on the Gold Coast also want it to be in a great location. With land becoming less frequently available in the desirable suburbs, we suggest buying an older house in your dream neighbourhood.

Whether it be a full knockdown and rebuild or a renovation and extension project, it is often the cheaper and better way to go.

Often if the existing home is older and run down, you are only paying for the land value of the property. If you need free guidance before purchasing, we’re more than happy to help.

We can inspect the property and give advice about the budget and what type of build would work best. Let’s chat today!

A lot of the time, the most expensive cost of building a new luxury home is not actually the house at all… It’s the foundation.

Depending on what the soil test results are and what the lay of your block of land is like, preparing it for the concrete slab can be an undertaking.

The foundations of your custom-built home depend on what the structural engineer designs, once the soil test comes back.

Make sure you take into consideration any earthworks that may need to be carried out to level your land. We are happy to advise on what this would entail for your block of land, even before you have purchased it!

You can also spend a lot of money on high-quality internal fixtures and fittings depending on the level of luxury you are after. It can be easy to get carried away so we can help you work through an appropriate budget for what you are after.

A key thing to ask a custom luxury home builder is how close to your boundary you can build which influences the size and style of your new home.

We can work closely with an architect to sketch out plans that tell you how close to the road, waterfronts, and side boundaries you can build.

We can also help you get council approval and relaxations that are needed and give you advice on what you can and can’t execute on your new build.

Here at CMR Constructions we will meet with you for an initial site inspection and can give you this advice even before you have purchased a block, completely free of charge or obligation. Let’s chat today! 

Look for a luxury home construction company that works one-on-one with their clients as this gives you the ability to always speak directly to the same builder in charge of your new home.

Here at CMR, you will always deal directly with the same builder who is hands-on with your project and brings decades of experience. We also have worked with the same tradespeople for the last 25 years who bring their unparalleled expertise and reliability to your job.

Clients can trust us to get the job done on budget, on time, and deliver every detail of their vision.

Your home builder should know the importance of carrying out all the documentation that enables them to remain in compliance with their residential construction projects.

We are fully covered and have obtained the following licenses, warranties, insurance, and certifications necessary to work with our clients on their Gold Coast projects.

Don’t just think about exterior design, make sure you think about your custom interior design too! That’s why CMR Constructions has partnered with Evoque Interiors to help make your house your dream home.

Make sure you utilise every inch of your block of land where possible. Embrace open-plan living and focus on a nice outdoor entertaining area because Queenslanders love to live outdoors as much as indoors. 

Consider where the sun rises and sets plus the elevations of the surrounding landscape and position your house to get optimal breezes for airflow in the summer. 

Another must-have is a butler’s pantry in your kitchen! This brings extra storage space for all the latest appliances and is a good place to hide mess to not disrupt the luxury design of your home.

Building a luxury custom home comes with many advantages, some of which include:


Building a luxury custom home gives you complete control over the choice of every specific design. It allows you to create your dream house that satisfies your individual or family needs. With the aid of luxury custom home builders like us here at CMR Constructions, you can get your home to take any shape you want.


Another benefit of building a luxury custom home is that you also have control over your budget. The idea is that you can build a home that fulfils your desires without going over your budget. As such, you should consult luxury house builders to calculate the cost of building your luxury home before starting the project.

Free from remodelling

Since you get to design your home from start to finish, it takes away the need for future renovations. That’s why it’s so essential that you hire the right luxury custom home builders.

Certain qualities typically define high-end luxury homes and to ensure that your luxury home has these qualities, you should hire high-end luxury home builders. Some of these qualities that define a high-end luxury home are:

Top Location

Location greatly determines a property’s value. As such, high-end luxury homes are built in high-brow areas. This could be in the mountains, along the waterfront, or even at the centre of a busy city. 

Constructing a luxury home in any of these locations requires the assistance of high-end luxury home builders. High-end residential builders can work with any location to create the dream home you desire.

High Price

High-end luxury homes are often costly. This is mainly due to the neighbourhood they are in as these places are generally more coveted than other areas. 

Another reason high-end luxury homes may be even more expensive than other houses in the neighbourhood is the design and makeup. So if you’re looking to create a luxury house with a great design and top-notch makeup, luxury home builders like us are your best bet. 


When referring to high-end homes, size is a significant determinant. A high-end luxurious home often comes with a large square meterage. 

In some instances, large square meterage means a home with more bedrooms, media rooms and offices, or areas with special amenities. Other times, it translates to open space and huge master suites. 

Creating a luxury home out of a wide space is what high-end residential builders can help you achieve. The best luxury home builders have the skills and the experience to make sure that every inch of your property speaks luxury.

Top materials

For a high-end home, everything has to be quality. Quality is just as vital as quantity. Building high-end homes requires only the finest materials from scratch to the finish. High-end luxury home builders like us will help you determine top-quality materials that will help you create your luxury home.

Unique designs

Many people hold high-end homes in esteem as a result of their distinctive designs. These designs can come in different shapes and styles and essentially showcase grandeur. Many times, these designs are by the taste of the owner, making them unique. 

To create the exact design you dream of, contact CMR Constructions now- the best luxury home builders in Gold Coast. 

Rich in amenities

Most luxury homes are similar in the number of amenities they have. These amenities create comfort and pleasure and are typically centres of attraction for guests. 

These amenities could be swimming pools, tennis courts or wine cellars, and with the aid of high-end luxury home builders, you can include as many amenities as you want in your luxury home. 


The history behind a home can cause it to be high-end. It could be that the house design is historical or that renowned luxury custom home builders constructed it. 

So with the right high-end residential builders, your luxury house could also have an amazing backstory.

There are certain primary features present in most luxury homes. These features make luxury homes stand out among other structures. With the best luxury home builders Gold Coast, you can create a luxury home where all these features are present.

Some of the features that are typically present in luxury homes are:

Security system

Luxury homes can attract uninvited guests and burglars. As such, they must have a state-of-the-art security system in place to prevent intruders. 

These security systems include 4k video surveillance cameras and computerised locks for different entrances into the building. Good high end home builders will ensure that the best security system is included in the designs.

Smart home technology

Luxury homes often have sophisticated home techs that make life comfortable. These smart techs can enable you to control the lights, blinds, heating, or cooling system anywhere and at any time with your voice or a single push on a button.

Top class kitchen

A chef’s kitchen and butler’s pantry are basic features that are common in luxury homes. These kitchens often have some premium appliances such as double ovens, heating drawers and custom cabinetry. Also, the pantries feature large storage space for groceries.

Spa bathroom

A luxury home is incomplete without a spa bathroom. These spa bathrooms have particular designs that make them unique. It may include marble countertops, grand showers and bathtubs, modern mirrors, and many more. The choice of design depends on the owner.

Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are another exclusive feature of luxury homes. These wardrobes are spacious enough for a person to walk around. They also allow you to showcase your clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories.

Home theatre

A luxury home has a room dedicated to creating the cinema experience. These often include roll-out TVs, quality recliner seats and smart lighting. All these features can be included in your luxury home when you hire the best luxury house builders. Consequently, you would be taking your luxury home a step further by hiring the right high end home builder.

Yes, building a luxury home is a good investment. Contacting luxury house builders to help you construct a luxury home is the same as investing in real estate. With proper maintenance of your home, you can offer it for sale later on and make more money than you spent building it.

However, you need to ensure that you have a standard luxury home. That’s why you need to work closely with the best luxury house builders when creating your luxury home. 

Experienced luxury custom home builders would help you create a unique design that best suits you and your needs. For the best luxury home builders in Gold Coast, contact CMR Constructions. We have the necessary skills and experience to create your dream luxury home.

If you want to build a luxury custom house, your first course of action should be to reach out to us, the most experienced luxury house builders in Gold Coast. With the best luxury home builders Gold Coast, you can create the luxury home design you want. 

Additionally, experienced luxury house builders will be able to give you an estimate on the cost of building a luxury home. That way, you won’t have to break the bank when building your home. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote on your dream luxury home from the best luxury home builders in Gold Coast now.

Every beautiful home we build is like building our own.

At CMR, our clients will be amazed by our attention to detail at every phase of the home extension process. We keep our construction areas clean so your family can continue living in your home whilst the extensions are being built.

Is an extension in the future for your Gold Coast home?
Come visit us for a free consultation and see how we can turn your cramped space into functional living once more!

CMR Construction would love to hear about your custom home build or renovation plans. Are you ready to take the leap? Contact us today!

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