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When you've outgrown your space but not your home, CMR Constructions can help transform the home you love for years to come!

Check out one of our Gold Coast home extension projects below:

When does it make sense to choose building a home extention over purchasing a new home? Some families are happy in the home they have, but due to a growing family or other circumstances, need to add additional space to carry on life comfortably. This is where professional home extension builders with experience come in. CMR Constructions offers you more space, more storage capacity, and more time to live in the home you are so fond of.

Extensions, whether they are built up or out, can save a family time and money looking for a new home. Many frustrations come with the territory of putting your house up for sale and finding a new home your family loves. Instead, transform your living space into a roomier, more functional home by building an extension.

CMR is a top-rated premium Gold Coast construction company, known for quality craftsmanship and excellent project management.

Sometimes, extending your home can cost the same as buying and selling. Sometimes, it can cost less depending on the size and depth of your project. Either way, adding an extension can save you from the headaches that buying and selling can bring. In addition, choosing to extend your home, either up or out, will give your family exactly what it needs.

CMR home extension builders on the Gold Coast has exceptionally high standards when it comes to extending your living space and giving your family the room it needs to grow and thrive. We combine functional design and ideas with impeccable workmanship to create your new living areas.

A home extension makes sense when you love where you live.
Maybe there are no other homes up for sale in your area. Maybe you love the neighbors and environment your family is living in. Extending your current home will allow you to stay in the community you love while giving you added space for more activity.

Our 50+ years of experience in project management, home building, renovations and extensions on the Gold Coast give us the edge you need to make impactful changes on your home. We provide the best home extension solution you have been searching for.

Let us run the numbers and help you make the best decision for your budget!

At CMR, we know anything home-related is a big decision and one that should be made carefully. Is it better for your family to move or have an extension built? We can give you advice on the cost and considerations you should make when it comes to your living situation. You should feel right about your final decision, and our experts can help you choose the best route. A stress free home extension build for your family.

CMR in charge of your process from start to finish, from design through to the finished house extension.

The home extension completed on time, on budget and with minimal delays

Our Gold Coast house extension builders are considerate, courteous, and clean every step of the way!

As with all our services, CMR works one-on-one with potential clients to make the most of their vision. When your home no longer fulfils your needs, we can step in and create 3D renderings to show you where you can take your current house to the next level and meet all your family’s requirements.

Our 30+ years of experience in project management and building beautiful custom homes and completing stunning home extensions on the Gold Coast gives us the edge you need to make impactful changes on your home. We provide the best home extension solution you have been searching for.

Is a house extension in the future for your Gold Coast home?

At CMR, our clients will be amazed by our attention to detail at every phase of the home extension process. We keep our construction areas clean so your family can continue living in your home whilst the extensions are being built.

Is an extension in the future for your Gold Coast home?
Come visit us for a free consultation and see how we can turn your cramped space into functional living once more!


CMR Construction would love to hear about your custom home build or renovation plans. Are you ready to take the leap? Contact us today!

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