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CMR is one of the best home construction companies on the
Gold Coast

We create luxury Gold Coast custom-built homes, renovations, extensions, and knockdowns & rebuilds throughout the Gold Coast region. With decades of experience in the building industry, CMR Construction is one of the best construction companies on the Gold Coast.

We know the importance of carrying out all the documentation that enables us to remain in compliance with all our residential construction projects. We are fully covered and have obtained the following licenses, warranties, insurance, and certifications necessary to work with our clients on their home projects.

Our attention to detail, our exceptional project management skills, decades of experience in the prestage home construction industry, plus the fact that we never cost corners and don’t compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship – these are all reasons as why we are one of the best home construction companies on the Gold Coast.

Your new prestige home, renovation, extension could not be in better hands than with CMR Construction company.

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QBCC Licence Number 1088220
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NSW Licence Number 173378C
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Queensland Building & Construction Commission Insurance
Abu Ico Check
Builders Maintenance Warranty – 12 Months
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Builders Structural Warranty – 8 Years
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QLeave Building & Construction Industry Fees
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Building Certification Fees
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Owners Copy of Builders Public Liability Insurance Pre-Construction
CMR constructions
The leading prestige home builders
on the Gold Coast.

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First, the company you choose should have proven and extensive experience in the industry. Second, they need to be reliable—they should complete the project on time and within the established budget. Also, they should have a strong understanding of architectural design. CMR Construction offers all of this and more to our Gold Coast and Brisbane area clients.

3-D renderings enable the builder and buyer to better communicate the design of the home. In addition, architectural renderings have a laundry list of benefits including

  • Realistic, easy, and quick to view and adjust
  • Images speak more than words (or blueprints)
  • Renderings create better marketing tools
  • Easier to understand by clients and the public
  • They greatly enhance the impact on project execution
  • Fewer instructions are needed and the bridge language barriers

For clients who are willing to pay top dollar and get the home of their dreams, there is no better solution than hiring custom home builders. Custom-built homes allow you to control the total design of your home, right down to the minuscule details that make up every nook and cranny just as you want it. Additionally, custom home builders like CMR Construction are with you every step of the way providing expert suggestions, expert workmanship, and quality materials, and will complete your custom-built home on time and just as you visualised.

When you decide to renovate a home, you are bringing it “up to par” with local conditions, the neighbourhood, and current standards. When you can no longer bring a home up to meet standards or it financially and ethnically does not make sense, you need to tear it down and start from scratch. At CMR Construction, we can help you make the right decision with your Gold Coast property.

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