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CMR Constructions are the Gold Coast’s leading custom home builders that specialise in the construction of luxury waterfront homes, making your dreams a reality.

Building a waterfront house requires a unique set of skills, vision and experience to make sure the home you live in is safe, constructed to the highest standard and makes the most of your section. 

The Gold Coast is the perfect location for a waterfront property as it is surrounded by world class beaches and of course, the 400kms of canals that create a significant network of waterways and prime waterfront properties and real estate.

The Gold Coast way of life is one that naturally attracts water lovers, surfers, snorkelers, fishermen and those who love to cruise around on boats and jetskis, taking in all the scenery on offer.

Let us design and construct your custom waterfront house to suit your ideal lifestyle.

Revetment Walls and Flood Compensation for Gold Coast Waterfront Properties

Having a swimming pool on your waterfront property on a canal may seem unnecessary but it is the best way to meet the City of Gold Coast Council’s standards for flood allowance, while still making great use of your real estate.

A functional, aesthetically pleasing and value increasing addition to your home, a pool and deck area on the waterfront side of your property allows you to have a revetment wall and flood compensation inlet underneath.

These areas are at the edge of your waterfront section and give room for the water levels to rise and encroach on your property without damaging your house or eroding the surrounding land.

This flood compensation area is multi-purpose as it doubles as a fantastic outdoor storage space for things like your pool toys, surfboards, tools and even jet skis. We can build custom shelving onto the walls, lifting your gear out of harm’s way.

We are experts at waterfront property and use screw piers that penetrate four and half metres through the sand and into solid ground to reach the right pressure to be able to support your flood compensation area and the pools and decking above.

Most Gold Coast canal waterfront homes also make use of the water real estate in front of their property by adding in a jetty, creating easy access for tinnies and jetskis. Imagine pulling up right on your doorstep after a hard day’s fishing!

We Are Experts At Knock Down And Rebuild Waterfront Home Construction

As waterfront property is obviously limited, and has been snapped up by Gold Coast residents over the last few decades, it can be near impossible to buy an empty section of land on the water.

It is a much better option to seek out existing waterfront houses in the location and suburb you like and knock down and rebuild your dream home on your ideal real estate. Knocking down an old property and rebuilding your waterfront home is more efficient and can be far less time consuming than trying to renovate an existing waterfront house.

If you are thinking about tearing down and rebuilding a Gold Coast waterfront home, we spend days, if not months with you, going through all your options and discussing plans and budget to make sure you are getting the best outcome.

Gold Coast Waterfront Home Designs

We have built over 20 luxury waterfront homes on the Gold Coast and can help you design your home alongside your architect.

Knowing the flood compensation areas and revetment walls are made of solid concrete, we can make suggestions around lighting, access and gardens that need to be considered before building starts. Concrete is very hard to manipulate once it’s constructed!

City of Gold Coast Council has Constraint Codes which also require waterfront properties to meet a certain presentation criteria with all ancillary structures including revetment walls.

Your exterior and landscaping design of your waterfront property is essential in gaining building consent from your local council. Choose the Gold Coast’s leading waterfront home construction company who specialise in Gold Coast waterfront home designs.

We are the Waterfront Property Perfectionists

We can come with you to visit the waterfront property that you are thinking of purchasing to give you an evaluation of the property.

We can give you an idea of what you could achieve with the waterfront real estate available on the section and what the estimated cost of your project would be.  

We do all of this planning with you before you have even signed a contract with us and don’t charge a cent because we believe in giving quality to our potential clients and treat every build as if it is our own house.

We are perfectionists and we want to show that to all our prospective clients. We also use the same consistent team of tradesmen meaning our waterfront construction experience and attention to detail permeates through our entire onsite crew.

Choose CMR Constructions to build your luxury waterfront home on the Gold Coast and you will quickly realise that no other builder has the knowledge and experience we do in waterfront home construction.

Get in touch today for a free consultation by filling out our Project Enquiry Form, or phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024.

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