Things To Consider When Building A House In 2022

Other Things To Consider When Building A House In 2022

Building a new home can be one of the most emotional times of your life and also one of the most rewarding. So it makes sense there are a lot of things to consider when investing so much time, money and effort into building a house in 2022.

The best way to avoid missing any opportunities is to choose a reputable builder and we know that we are the best home construction company on the Gold Coast. You know you will be getting up to date advice on the latest home building and design trends when you choose to build with CMR.

Our attention to detail, exceptional project management skills and decades of experience in the home construction industry, are among some of the reasons why we are consistently chosen to build people’s dream homes and get incredible results. 

We are going to take you through the latest home building trends and things to consider when building a home in 2022, room by room.

Things to consider in your new laundry


If your laundry and kitchen are in very close proximity or perhaps even combined through a butler’s pantry, your kitchen and laundry cabinets should match so the design flows through as you walk from one space to the other. 

However if the laundry is not visible from the kitchen, they are separated by two or more walls, or even one upstairs and one downstairs, then you can feel free to consider different cabinetry in each room! 


You would want your new laundry to be at least 3.5meters long by about 2.5 meters wide to enable enough space for appliances, a drying rack, ironing board storage and a sink. 


Remember, your laundry also needs to be located on an outside wall of your home because you need easy access to the washing line outside! 

Things to consider when building a new bathroom

No Tiles 

If you don’t like the look of tiles, you should consider using Render X for the walls of your bathroom. The clear epoxy can be put over your choice of render x style to ensure it is waterproof, perfect for bathroom walls! However, keep in mind it is not suitable for flooring so consider polished concrete bathroom floors instead! 

Floating Vanity

If you only have a small space for a bathroom, consider a floating vanity to add a more luxurious feel to the room. 

LED Lighting

Have your vanity 300mm off the floor and add LED lighting underneath to add the illusion of a bigger space. You can even add LED lighting to your shower which is one of the latest design trends in homes.

Things to consider for your master bedroom


You want your master bedroom to be no smaller than 4mx4m and designed with walls that are a light, soft colour for the most relaxing feel.


Dark carpet hides any marks, dirt or pet hair. If you want to save money, a good way is to buy a cheaper carpet and make it feel more comfortable and cosy by having a thick underlay. 

Things to consider when designing your dream kitchen

Pendant Lighting 

LED lighting in your kitchen, as well as your bathroom, is a new home feature to consider. Pendant lighting in your kitchen also makes a big difference to the modern feel and is very much the latest design trends in new homes.

Quality Cabinetry

All the hardware in your kitchen cabinetry like hinges and drawer runners should come with a lifetime warranty. If they don’t you need to consider if your cabinets are of good quality or not. They should also be soft close to prevent damage and noise.

Solid wood cabinets are not ideal for kitchens as any moisture in the area will cause the cupboard doors to warp. You also want to be able to wipe your kitchen cupboards down and not remove any gloss from the wood varnish. 

Thick Benchtops

One of the biggest home building trends for 2022 will be increasing from 20mm thick standard benchtops to 40mm or even 60mm thick benchtops for a luxurious look and to be more hardwearing! 

CMR are your experts in new 2022 home building trends

The number one thing to consider when building a house is who you choose as your custom home builder. The relationship between you and your new home builder is one that needs to be built on trust, communication and proven results. 

Also consider things like your lifestyle and the future of your family. Some common mistakes for first home builders include not maximising the use of your block of land.

We are happy to give advice on what you could and would need to do to your block of land, even before you have purchased it! We want you to have the perfect home and to consider the latest home building trends when building a house in 2022.

We will guide you through our process from start to finish, including everything you need to customise the interior and exterior of your new dream home.

We do all of this planning with you before you have even signed a contract with us and don’t charge a cent. We believe in giving you quality and treat every new build home as if it is our own.

Get in touch today for a free consultation by filling out our Project Enquiry Form, or phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024 and have a chat with the best custom home builder on the Gold Coast.

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