Is It Better To Renovate or Rebuild Your House?

is it better to renovate or rebuild gold coast

So perhaps you’ve bought a run-down house in a great location, or you inherited an old home. Maybe you’re simply tired of living in an old house. Whatever the case, you’re confused as to whether it is better to renovate or rebuild your home. You just want to have your dream home.

Naturally, you begin to wonder, “how much will it cost me to renovate or rebuild?”, “Will knocking down the house and rebuilding it be the best way to go?” or “How long would it take if I want to demolish and rebuild?”

The answers to any of these questions are not clear cut. Each case is unique, and there are various factors to consider if you’re wondering whether to renovate or rebuild. 

Renovate or Rebuild: Factors to Consider

When it comes to the renovate or rebuild question, there are many moving parts. You’ll need to think about the financial cost, the timeline, planning permission, and the structural quality of the house. Let’s take a more in-depth look into some of these factors.

How much work is required?

The first thing to consider when trying to decide on whether it is better to renovate or rebuild your home, is what section of your home that needs work done. Is it the kitchen area or bedroom? Do you want an extension or to remodel certain areas of the house?

In many cases, a renovation might not cut it. Instead, you may need to demolish and rebuild from scratch – particularly if you’re facing a significant restructuring.

The house’s age, council restrictions, and condition of the site and block

The age of your home can determine if it is better for you to renovate or rebuild. If you’ve acquired a well-preserved beautiful older home, you may want to go for renovation to preserve the house’s history.

Additionally, most houses that date back in history have local council restrictions around them. These restrictions might prevent the house owner from rebuilding or renovating. Furthermore, the council will check the condition of your block. For example, houses built on flat blocks are typically easier to demolish and rebuild than those on sloping blocks.

Even more, you may need to get a permit from the council if there is vegetation around the block that needs removing when rebuilding or renovating.

The cost to renovate or rebuild

This is probably the most essential aspect to consider when trying to renovate or rebuild. Often, full house renovations cost more than knocking down the house and rebuilding it. Renovations tend to have hidden extra costs that you may not have planned for at the start.

Small fixes usually become big ones as builders find nasty surprises while working, making renovation costs spiral out of control quickly. But when you tear down a house and rebuild it, you can easily plan and budget accurately.

Specifically, you can expect to spend between $2,500 to $4000 per square metre if you want to renovate. So just renovating your living room may take up to $15,000 in costs, while a one-bedroom house may cost as much as $140,000. Of course, these prices vary as a result of the materials and the finishes used.

On the other hand, you can spend as little as $200,000 building a brand new single-storey house and $250,000 on a new two-storey home.


The timeframe for renovation generally depends on the size of the area. For instance, renovation for a small room might take just a week, while renovating a kitchen can require 2 to 9 weeks to complete. However, if you plan on knocking down the house and rebuilding it, you can expect it to be completed in 8-12 months.

The stress

Renovating your home requires a hands-on approach as you need to ensure that everything is as you want it to be. You may also need some permits and employ the services of various subcontractors while renovating.

Furthermore, being on the property during renovation can be uneasy as you won’t be able to use areas under renovation. Therefore, the renovation process can be quite stressful both physically and emotionally.

On the other hand, rebuilding is much more straightforward, even if it might take a longer period. After you’ve done your research and found a qualified builder, you can relinquish duties to them.

Knock Down Rebuild Process

After considering the above factors, you have probably decided on knocking down the house and rebuilding it. In that case, you need to know the process it takes to demolish and rebuild a house.

1. Get a permit or approval from the local council

Even if you’ve decided to demolish and rebuild, you may still need to seek permission from the local council. Local councils usually have some strict rules regarding knocking down a house and rebuilding it.

If your house is heritage-listed, there’s a high chance that you won’t be able to tear down the house and rebuild it.

2. Contact an expert

After getting the local council’s approval, you need to reach out to an experienced building professional. The builder should have reliable architects and interior designers as partners. 

Here at CMR Constructions, we have knock down and rebuild experts who specialise in building your dream house on the Gold Coast.

3. Pick a new home design

Consulting with an experienced building professional can help you to decide on the design you want. This is because these builders have many previous projects you can view.

At CMR Constructions, we have a variety of projects you can go through to get your ultimate home design.

4. Organise the demolition process

Some builders do not handle demolitions, so you have to ensure that you clarify that with the builder you’re hiring. In some cases, the builder may refer you to a demolition specialist.

At CMR Constructions, we can both tear down houses and rebuild them.

5. Rebuild your new home

After demolition and site preparation, the process of rebuilding a new house can begin immediately.

Contact CMR Constructions for Your Demolish and Rebuild Project

Whether you decide to renovate or rebuild your home, you need the services of experienced contractors. At CMR Constructions, we make it our job to make your dream house a reality. Whether that means renovating your home or knocking down the house and rebuilding it, we are more than qualified.

We provide both renovation services and knock down and rebuild Gold Coast services. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced builders that are skilled in constructing unique and luxurious home designs that showcase elegance.

Contact us today and let us help you create something exquisite.

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