Design Options For Luxury Custom Home Pools

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Create a resort-style oasis with the luxury of your own private swimming pool!

For many Gold Coast families, having a swimming pool is integral to their lifestyle as it provides the perfect resort-style oasis for relaxing and entertaining family and friends. Our team at CMR Constructions have found that when discussing ideas and plans with new clients, many of them have already included a pool as part of the new custom home wish-list.

What are your design options when building a resort-style pool?

With today’s innovation in design and construction there are many exciting possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect resort-style pool and outdoor area that fulfils your dream of living in a luxury home on the Gold Coast.
Let’s take a brief look at some of the considerations and popular design options when adding a pool to your custom home build:

  • Location: For safety and aesthetics your pool should be viewable from indoors. Consider its aspect in relation to the sun and wind, accessibility and planned landscaping.
  • Position: Whether your pool is above or inground will be influenced by the characteristics of your block, including land levels, terracing, accessibility and of course budget.
  • Construction materials: The two most popular choices are concrete pools: offering flexibility in customised design, i.e. shape, size and depth and fibreglass pools: premade in a range of shape, sizes, styles, colours and finishes
  • Structural design features – such as a stunning infinity edge (water vanishes from view) or a family friendly ‘beach’ (gentle shelf).
  • Surfacing options: Including marble plaster, tiles, pebbles, coloured quartz etc.
  • Lighting: Create a variety of moods and style with the latest energy-efficient LED lights, multicoloured dramatic accent lights or LED water arcs for a sophisticated statement.
  • Fencing: Glass provides flawless transparency and is available framed, frameless and semi-frameless.
  • Zones: Enhance your poolside oasis with the inclusion of outdoor living zones, e.g. outdoor kitchen/BBQ, wet bar, decking and raised shaded pavilion – all adding to the ambiance of luxurious resort-style Queensland living.
  • Smartphone technology: You can control pool lighting, water features, temperature and cleaning at the touch of a button virtually from anywhere.

Why should you be adding a pool to your home during the custom build process?

Where possible it’s ideal to construct your pool at the same time as your new home is being built for the following reasons:

  • The pool position can be optimised as part of the house design.
  • Pool excavation cost savings and convenience, i.e. access can be significantly reduced after the house is built.
  • Filtration location, power, pipes, fencing and tiling can be completed prior to moving in.
  • The end result will be a seamless pool and outdoor living area designed as part of your new home.

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