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Bathroom Style Ideas Australia

One of the most frequent requests we get from our custom home build clients is bathroom style ideas. Bathroom styling has become so important for a luxury home to truly convey how special it is.

Bathroom styling comes from more than just matching soap dispensers and toothbrush holders! In fact, bathrooms and ensuites can be some of the most luxurious rooms in your home if you build and style them well.

If you are looking for bathroom style ideas and inspiration then look no further as we break down the latest bathroom trends we expect to see in 2022. Keep your eye out for some tips and tricks to bring luxury to your bathroom without breaking the bank too! 

How To Make Bathroom Look Luxurious

Bathrooms can be an expensive undertaking with the plumbing and waterproofing to consider alongside all the fixtures, fittings, cabinetry, lighting and ventilation. But making your bathroom look luxurious is worth every penny when you wake up and come home to a tranquil and relaxing space.

Plus, it is a room that will often be seen by your house guests so it is nice to add a bit of luxury!

Luxury Bathroom Vanities 

If you only have a small space for a bathroom, consider a floating vanity to add a more luxurious feel to the room. 

Even if the space for your bathroom is comfortable or large, having the vanity about 300mm off the floor gives you the perfect way to add accent LED lights for modern and luxurious bathroom styling. 

Having LED light features under your vanities, behind the edges of your mirror, in your shower, and even behind your toilet oozes luxury and contemporary style.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking for luxury bathroom tiles to give your small bathroom the impression of a larger space then use smaller tiles, no bigger than 600x6000mm. You can even go as small as 300×300 to ensure they don’t overwhelm the space. 

It is a lot more expensive to lay porcelain tiles over ceramic tiles but if you are looking for luxury bathroom tiles, you can’t go past porcelain. Ceramic tiles only have a tile coating on the top whereas porcelain tiles are consistent tile all the way through. 

If you chip a ceramic tile, you will know about it! But on porcelain, the damage is hardly noticeable. 

Use your luxury bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling to avoid steam penetrating the plasterboard and it makes your bathroom easier to clean! It also looks modern and sleek.

Ensure you keep tiles light for a smaller bathroom like an ensuite and only do dark colours in a generous sized bathroom. Lighter rooms feel bigger! Try doing the floor a shade or two darker than your walls as this is one of our favourite bathroom style ideas.

Alternative To Tiles In Bathroom Walls

The perfect alternative to luxury bathroom tiles is using Render X on your bathroom walls. The clear epoxy can be put over your choice of Render X style to ensure it is waterproof, perfect for luxury bathroom walls. 

Styling can include hand painted gold accents for a luxurious marbling effect and can tie your bathroom styling to your kitchen styling, and even your outdoor areas. 

However, keep in mind Render X is not suitable for flooring so consider polished concrete bathroom floors instead if you don’t like the look of tiles.

Tiles In Bathroom Walls

Luxury Tubs and Showers 

A popular bathroom style idea is to do recessed storage above your tub and in your shower. Just ensure the height of your recess is tall enough to fit your favourite toiletries! 

The best way to make your shower look more luxurious is to position it at the back of the room so it takes up the entire wall. This way you can even have double shower heads and it gives the impression of a more luxurious showering experience. 

Luxury Tubs And Showers

Toilets and Bidets

Bidets are becoming more popular on the Gold Coast as a way to add a bit of European luxury styling to bathrooms. These can either be free standing and a separate unit to your toilet or built into your toilet seat. 

Built in bidets and toilet seat warmers (yes, this is a popular bathroom styling idea for 2022!) adds a bit of height to your toilet and really enhances the bathroom experience for you and your guests.

Building A New Bathroom

We want you to give you the best bathroom style ideas when building a new custom home with us. 

When building a new bathroom you want to make sure you are allowing adequate space for one of the most used rooms in your home! 

Your main bathroom should be at least 2.5m x 3 – 3.5m. Keep this in mind when designing your new home.

We guide you through our process from start to finish, including showing you how to make the bathrooms look luxurious. We are experts on everything you need to customise in the interior and exterior of your new dream home and can give you great tips on how to choose the best styling for your family and lifestyle while still being on trend.

We do all of this style planning with you before you have even signed a contract with us and don’t charge a cent. We believe in giving you quality and treat every new build home as if it is our own.

Get in touch today for a free consultation by filling out our Project Enquiry Form, or phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024 and have a chat with the best luxury home builder on the Gold Coast.

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