How To Plan Your Home Renovation

Plan Your Home Renovation

What you need to know when planning to renovate your home on the sunny Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most luxurious and modern places to live in Australia and it’s only fitting that you feel that sense of luxury in your own home.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to renovate your home and create the home you’ve always wanted, first of all, congratulations!!
You may now find yourself asking common questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I hire a contractor?
  • Who designs the home renovation?
  • What is the step by step process I need to follow to create my ideal home?

So, let’s go through all the steps you need to take to plan your home renovation successfully and get you on your way to opening that bottle of champagne!

Before starting your home renovation plan

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning home improvements:

  • The internet is your friend! Do some research on current trends, innovations and styles for inspiration, it pays to be educated on the possibilities that are out there.
  • Be inspired by other homes. Pick and choose elements from pictures or articles that you see. Write them down in a list to collate all of the improvements you want to make.
    Take a look at our Gold Coast home projects here.
  • Images are an excellent visual key. Creating boards on Pinterest or pages in a scrapbook can help you visualise how each room will look and give you a style guide.
  • Consider what will add value to your home. Get the most out of your investment! Read about what renovations will add value to your home and common home improvements that will transform your home.
  • Be open to boosting the intelligence of your home. Having a smart home means you increase your home security, conserve energy and make life much more comfortable.

Next you’ll be wondering…

How to hire a contractor for your home renovation on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast features a variety of styles scattered throughout the region including: Contemporary Coastal, Modern Industrial & Minimalist.
Regardless of your style, rest assured that with the right custom home builder, your Gold Coast home renovation will be a personal and enriched experience.

To find the right contractor for you, start with following referrals and check out the reviews for that construction company online.
Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few potential builders, book a consultation and ask the right questions to ensure they are the right fit for you.
See our post on the 20 Essential Questions for tips on hiring a building contractor and the questions you should ask, such as:

  • How long have they been building homes?
  • Have they done similar projects before?
  • Can you see their portfolio?
  • Do they have the necessary licenses, insurance and permits for the project?
  • How do they communicate throughout the build and post build?

Ideally, your home builder will work directly with all contractors required for the renovation and ensure this process is managed for you with ease from concept to completion.

Now, the next step is to consolidate all of your ideas with your contractor and come up with a design plan!

So, who does the design for your home renovation?

Ultimately, this project will become your new home, so the renovation design is totally up to you. You can provide your own design plans to your home builder or they can create a custom design for your renovation in collaboration with a building designer.

Use the tips above to create a rough plan for each room you wish to renovate, work on your vision board or scrapbook and fill it with notes, colours, styles, textures and other visual cues. These items will help custom home builders like us know how you want your new home to look and feel.

The goal of a custom home builder is to bring your vision to life, so it helps to provide them with as much detail as possible about your desires for the project.
You’ll also need to talk through your options depending on what your renovation budget is.

At CMR Constructions, after we narrow down your options, we use our free augmented reality, or 3D rendering technology, to draw up your final plans then set up a timeline and get to work on your build!

Easily plan your home renovation with our 7 Step Construction Process:

We have created a simple and effective process to help us create your new Gold Coast home.

The construction process begins with a simple idea and concludes with you walking into your newly renovated home. We will work alongside you every step of the way throughout our 7-step process.

Our detailed project plan keeps you informed during the entire home renovation; you’ll always know what to expect and when to expect it!

  1. The Concept. Tell us all about your dream home, share your thoughts and ideas with us.
  2. Onsite Consultation. We will work around you and your availability so we can break down the concept and discuss every single detail together. We want to get a complete understanding of how you want your future home.
  3. The Design. We use your plan to create a custom home design to begin bringing everything to life.
  4. Get Your Complete Quote. We provide a fixed price quote!
  5. Finalise the Contract. This includes your project timeline and all financial documents.
  6. Build. The transformation stage where your idea becomes a reality.
  7. Completion! You have the new keys to your new home!

Now the renovations are complete; you’ve put the key into the door of your new home, it’s time to open that bottle of champagne and celebrate!!
Everything starts with an idea, whether it be an award-winning movie or a new home! So when the time comes to turn your idea into a reality, make the first step by contacting CMR for a free consultation.

CMR: Your Construction Company for Gold Coast Home Renovations

With over 30 years’ experience as Gold Coast home and renovation builders, CMR and our team of professional tradespeople are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to transform your home and bring you into the future.

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