10 Ways To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

how to make your home look luxurious gold coast

Building a new home can be one of the most emotional times of your life and also one of the most rewarding. It is totally understandable that you want to know how to make your home look luxurious when investing so much time, money and effort into building a house.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for how to make your home look luxurious in 2022, then look no further! We give you six ways to make your home look luxurious and expensive, and not always by spending a huge amount of money either! 

Master Bedroom

Give Yourself Some Room

With new luxury house design, you want to ensure you leave yourself ample room for your master suite. You want your master bedroom to be at least 4 metres by 4 metres to make your home look nicer.

This means you can have a big headboard and even a seating option in your bedroom which gives a luxurious and expensive feel to the room.

Choose a Relaxing Colour Scheme

We know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are looking for ways to make your house seem more luxurious, a soft and light colour scheme for the bedrooms is best.

Neutral colours like white, cream, pale blue, beige and brown give an airy, calm and natural feeling, and go nicely with a coastal home location. Marble and Granite are still popular choices for accents in furniture and ensuites; however these do come with a more expensive price tag.

Opt for a Dark Carpet 

Dark carpet hides any marks, dirt or pet hair which is an easy way to make your house look nicer. If you want to save money, a good way is to buy a cheaper carpet and make it feel more luxurious by having a thick underlay. 

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Allow Enough Room for Your Laundry

You want your new laundry to be at least 3.5 metres long by about 2.5 metres wide to enable enough space for appliances, a drying rack, ironing board storage and a sink. Laundries are quickly becoming popular rooms to put some thought and money into in order to make a statement in new luxury house design.

Embrace The Laundry Sink

We know you might be tempted to get rid of your laundry sink when trying to make your house look nicer but trust us, you need it! 

You need a way to soak those dirty towels or shoes away from the main areas of your new home such as the kitchen or bathrooms. There is nothing less luxurious than laundry hanging out in the common areas of your home.

Hide Your Washing Machine Hoses

The best thing about building a custom home with us is that we can help you design your new home to look nicer and more luxurious in ways you probably may not have even thought of.

Hide your washing machine hoses by having them connected to taps that are inside the cupboard next to your machine. You can also use this method to hide hoses that need to connect to your sink for drainage. This gives your laundry a much cleaner and polished look.

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Living Areas

Bring Back Old Trends

Believe it or not, arches are coming back! Rounded archways in the living areas give a vintage vibe with a modern twist bringing style and flair and making a house look expensive.

Feature walls are also making a return in new luxury house design, with a lot of people opting for a darker feature in the living areas for a modern and luxurious look and feel. 

Black Is In and Stainless Steel is Out

Stainless steel tapware and sinks for common areas like your kitchen should be swapped for more luxurious looking matte black fittings. 

As luxury home builders, we say the only stainless steel in your house should be your outdoor kitchen area to keep your home looking more expensive.

Don’t Skimp on your Insulation

You really want good insulation in your walls and ceiling during the construction of your luxury home. A lot of builders only install insulation in the ceiling but we always recommend insulating your walls as well to ensure your home stays nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

 Smarten Up Your Home

Everything in your custom built home is now operated by your smartphone. So you can control the air conditioning, the lights and even see who is ringing your doorbell, all from the phone in your pocket, even when you are not home.

These days a smart home is a staple for what makes a luxury home.

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Choose CMR Constructions For Your New Luxury House Design

We will guide you through our process from start to finish, including what makes a luxury home, and everything you need to customise in your new luxury house design.

We do all of this luxury house design and planning with you before you have even signed a contract with us and don’t charge a cent. We believe in giving you quality and showing you how to make your home look luxurious. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation by filling out our Project Enquiry Form, or phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024 and have a chat with the best custom home builder on the Gold Coast.

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