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CMR Constructions are your go-to Hampton style home builders on the Gold Coast. We specialise in luxury home construction, renovation, knockdown and rebuilds, extensions, custom Hampton style new builds, and so much more. 

Everyone has a picture of what their dream house should look like. Does yours feature a coastal and homely environment that suggests a sophisticated yet casual beach-side look? If so, you’re definitely thinking about a Hampton style home. 

At the mention of a Hampton style home, you’re likely drifting off into a fantasy world where you can relax by the seaside on a luxury holiday treat after a long week at work. The good news is, you can turn your fantasies into reality with a good Hampton home design perfect for you. 

You’re probably looking at your budget and wondering if you can afford your dream home. Well, with the right Hamptons style home builders, you can. You can create Hamptons inspired homes based on a specified budget, depending on what you want. 

Now, if you weren’t already familiar with Hampton style home designs in Australia, you’re probably wondering, “what is a Hampton style home anyway?” Read on, and you’ll learn all you need to know about Hamptons inspired homes.

What is a Hampton Style Home?

Hampton style homes trace their origin back to The Hamptons, Long Island in New York. 

If you’ve seen the beautiful interiors and architectural structures of beach houses built by the rich on Long Island, then you know what a Hampton style home is. 

The interiors of Hampton Style Homes stand out for their large airy spaces, timber accents, natural fibres, pitched roof ceilings, natural light, big bay windows, wall panelling and a lot more. 

There are several Hampton style homes design options in Australia you might like to choose from. Get in contact with CMR Constructions; we are the best Hampton custom builders you can find on the Gold Coast. A beautiful example of a Hampton style home is this knock down and rebuild project we did in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.

Hampton Style Homes Design Australia

Despite their distance from New York, Hamptons inspired homes have become quite popular in Australia and particularly on the Gold Coast. We Gold Casters are increasingly falling in love with the relaxed, comfy feeling that Hampton home designs give. The Hampton home design is here to stay. 

Because of the difference in landscape, Hamptons inspired homeowners in Australia now modify their home designs to suit their regions and living conditions. So, while some people may prefer the beach-like coastal style, others may prefer a hinterland setting.  

It is necessary for your Hampton style builders to take the region into consideration when designing a Hampton home. They must identify the things that appeal to a Gold Coast Hampton style homeowner. 

What Makes a Hampton Style Home


From the outside, the Hampton style homes typically feature weatherboard cladding and a gabled roof. These weatherboards create an elegant coastal look. Your Hamptons inspired homes are incomplete without them. 

Depending on your preference, you may clad your exterior with the classic off-white look or a rich blend of white and pale grey. And if you are daring enough, maybe even a striking blue or charcoal. 

For a perfect exterior finishing, you need a crisp white look. That’s a trick to having a great exterior. Other facade details of the typical Hampton style exteriors are stone columns, shingles, picture windows and large attractive balconies. 


Naturally, the neutral Hampton style colour flows from the exterior to the insides. Hampton style homes have a unique blend of design elements like timber flooring, wall panelling, windows shutters, timber-lined ceilings, dado rails.

Modern interior designs will typically feature white marble-like benchtops, wrought iron hardware and glass-paned kitchen cabinetry. 

For the perfect interior look, you should keep your ceilings, cornices and skirtings white. 

If you will have a Hampton home design, then you must pay close attention to your furnishings. Go for gorgeous and stylish fittings.

Don’t forget the lights.

Cmr Tamborine


There is nothing more ‘Hamptons’ than a kitchen with white shaker cabinetry, glass-panelled cabinet doors, marble splashbacks, subway tiles and a grand stone benchtop. Oversized pendant or lantern style lights also add a great touch to your kitchen.   

You may go for the typical off-white finishing. Or you may explore some more with darker finishes to create a unique look. 


With the right design elements, you can give your bathroom an elegant and classic lift. 

Your bathroom should be well lit and practical. If you are going for the traditional Hampton style, you’ll need tapware to complete the look. 

You might want to include some decorative mirrors in there as well, to leave an impressive mark on your bathroom.

Hampton bathrooms are typically neutral coloured. You may decide to pick white, grey or black and white colours. 

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Tips for Hampton Home Designs

There are some more things you should know about Hampton home designs.


When it comes to building a Hampton style home, your flooring is one of the things you should give priority to. It can be the most expensive part of the house.

So you need to plan your flooring according to your budget. It all depends on the materials you use for your floor designs.

Timber is the most common material used in flooring. If you are up to it, you may go for stone tiles instead. Especially if you want a classy and elegant look. 

French doors and windows

You may want to try out these types of doors and windows. They’ll be a great addition if you live near an ocean and want a perfect view of it. Whatever the type of windows you decide on, plantation shutters are great for that Hamptons look house.


The lights in your home can convey your taste to the world. Choosing the lights that fit the particular theme you have in mind for your home is an important key to having the ‘Hampton style’.

From lantern pendants to wall mounted lamps and sconces, to chandeliers, the Hamptons style lighting conveys class and elegance. 


There’s nothing better than having a benchtop in your kitchen. This benchtop should be a stone-look one made of marble, granite or terrazzo.

You can go for any colour of your choice. White, blue, grey, green or timber — your call. 

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The shaker-style cabinetry is the most commonly used to create the Hampton look. Shaker-style cabinetry may look like they are framed, thanks to their deep-set panels.  

They add a great look to your kitchen. With the aid of good Hampton custom builders, you can even add your personal style to the design. 


To preserve the natural aura and coastal vibe associated with Hampton home designs, you might want to style your house with natural accessories like timber, cane, linen, cotton and wool.

In all you do with your Hampton style home, be sure to preserve the inspiration of the coast. That’s why CMR Constructions have partnered with Evoque Interiors to help make your house your dream home.

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CMR Constructions are the leading Hampton style home builders on the Gold Coast and in Australia. With our team of qualified custom builders, we will bring to reality the best version of your dream house. Contact us today.

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