How To Design Seamless Indoor Outdoor Living Areas

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Indoor Outdoor Living On The Gold Coast

Take advantage of the beautiful Gold Coast weather in your home by integrating your indoor and outdoor living areas!

The Gold Coast’s semi tropical year-round climate combined with our love of the outdoors is a key factor when designing and constructing prestige homes here on the coast.

CMR Constructions have been building custom luxury homes and beachside constructions on the Gold Coast for over 25 years. Many of our constructions have featured seamless indoor/outdoor living areas that exude luxurious comfort synonymous with the ultimate in coastal living.

Spacious open-plan living is key to creating the perfect integrated indoor/outdoor living zone. Our team of architects apply innovative design and construction techniques to achieve the ultimate oasis for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

Design Considerations For Indoor Outdoor Living Areas

Important design considerations to help achieve a stunning indoor/outdoor living and entertainment area for new Gold Coast homes include:

  • Extend the roofline of your home out to encompass the outdoor entertainment area, or use a roofing alternative i.e. louvered panels, retractable panels or glass panels. This also provides all-weather protection, so you can enjoy your outdoor area year-round.
  • Create larger expansive door openings to accommodate oversized rebated bifold doors, recessed sliding pocket doors or large self-stacking doors creating vast openings, which allow for the seamless integration of the indoor/outdoor living areas. (with the added advantage of letting additional natural light into the home even when the doors are closed).
  • Maintain the same floor level so the two living areas can seamlessly flow into one another and function as one indoor/outdoor multipurpose oasis.
  • Continue the indoor flooring outdoors. Or, at least match the flooring in materials, style and colour for a seamless effect.
  • If a swimming pool and/or spa area is part of your outdoor plan, try to integrate the pool with a same-level deck creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor transition. (For more information click here to view our recent blog: ‘Creating a resort-style oasis with the luxury of your own private swimming pool).
  • The inclusion of a highly functional outdoor kitchen/BBQ area along with a wet-bar completes the picture of the ultimate outdoor entertainment oasis.

How to Create Ambience Within Indoor Outdoor Living Areas

In addition to the above structural considerations, it is important to think of how the ambience is created and carried throughout the indoor to outdoor living area.

Echoing interior design elements such as furniture, mirrors and pot plants is an effective way of integrating the style and ambience of the inside living area with the outdoors or vice versa. By treating them as one seamless space and integrating these design elements, it will create a more wide spread ambience as opposed to feeling like they are two separate rooms.

If you need some help with styling, we offer free interior design with every project we undertake.

Contact CMR Constructions For Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Living

Our team at CMR Constructions are new home builders on the Gold Coast who are driven by delivering quality custom homes that are both functional and exude a sense of relaxed coastal luxury. Click here to view our gallery showcasing completed projects including new home builds, home extensions and more.

To find out how CMR Constructions can help you with your custom new home or renovation project contact us today! Phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024 or fill out our Project Enquiry Form to get started.

Your vision + our expertise and history of excellence = your dream home, delivered on time and on budget!

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