The Benefits Of Building A Custom Designed Home

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Why is it more beneficial to build a custom home over a project home?

The biggest reason why building a custom designed home can be more beneficial to you is because it can be exclusively tailored for your needs and lifestyle. However a project home usually comes with the assumption it will be cheaper and more convenient.

CMR Constructions are custom home builders Gold Coast who understand that building a new home is one of the biggest investment decisions most people will make in their lifetime. Therefore, let’s look at the difference between these two options and their advantages.

What is the difference between a custom and project home?

A project home is sometimes referred to as a ‘cookie cutter’ home. Display Villages showcase project home builders, offering a fixed range of pre-designed plans featuring standardised inclusion packages. This can be a good option for first home buyers, investors or those who are happy to select from a standard floor plan presented in a brochure.

A custom home is uniquely designed and built precisely to reflect your style and vision for your home, with consideration to the characteristics of your block of land, orientation, privacy and lifestyle. If your desire is to create a home featuring an individualised floor plan with all the inclusions you want, then a quality custom built home is the right choice for you.

What are the benefits of building a custom home?

Here’s a summary of the benefits you will enjoy when you utilise the expertise of a custom home builder.

  • Tailor to your needs: from the first point of contact your new home builder will listen carefully to your ideas and take time to understand your expectations and lifestyle.
  • Uniqueness: as every block of land has its own unique characteristics and location, your builder will collaborate with their architect and engineer to create a design that maximises your land’s potential and aspect.
  • Individuality: you have the scope to create your own floor plan and select the finishing and inclusions for every aspect of your home.
  • Communication: your custom home builder will ensure that a high level of quality control and monitoring is always maintained. CMR Prestige Developments’ building manager will oversee the construction of your new home, providing you with regular progress updates and on-site meetings – giving you peace of mind knowing your home is in great hands. In contrast, as project home builders have a high volume of homes on the go at one time, impromptu communication and onsite access can be difficult to arrange at short notice.
  • Flexibility: what sets custom home builders apart is the ease of the entire process, the rapport you develop with your builder and the flexibility to build a home that you’ll love.
  • Timeframe: as each project is managed individually, any concerns can be dealt with quickly avoiding unnecessary delay. As prestige home builders Gold Coast, our team at CMR plans every aspect of your build right down to the last lightbulb… ensuring your dream home is completed on time and on budget.

CMR Constructions offers all of this and more to customers looking to build their dream Gold Coast custom home. Give us a call for a consultation and see what we have to offer you!

CMR Constructions: Your Gold Coast Custom Home Builders

With over 30 years’ experience as Gold Coast custom home and renovation builders, CMR Constructions and our team of professional tradespeople are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to transform your home and bring you into the future.

We’ll turn your dreams into reality!

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Combining creativity and functionality, CMR designs and builds high-end luxury homes for clients in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. From beach houses and new builds to renovations, extensions, and more, CMR is the team that will turn your concept into reality. We utilise our knowledge of design and architectural principles, our 3D-rendering technology, and the ideas of our customers to create unique and definitive builds.

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