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The leading prestige home builders on the Gold Coast.

CMR Constructions are high-end custom home builders based on the Gold Coast, building prestige homes that combine creativity and functionality. We build water front homes, architecturally designed quality premium homes, complete high end renovations, extensions and more. If you have a concept of your dream home, but no designs, we will utilise our knowledge of design and architectural principles, our 3D-rendering technology to design and build your unique forever home.
We go above customer expectations with outstanding craftmanship from qualified transespeople. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced Gold Coast custom home builders who pack a punch creatively but does so wtih honesty and integrity, then CMR is the Construction company that you have been searching for.
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Let CMR premium custom home builders be your guide every step of the way and make your dream home a reality.

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CMR constructions

Meet the Team


Cameron Rolfe

Custom Home Builder Cameron Rolf
CMR constructions

Meet the Team

CMR Construction is father-son duo building high end homes for the Gold Coast community. We stand behind the quality of our work and push ourselves to exceptionally high standards, making perfection a standard in our line of work.

As a fully insured and Queensland registered premium custom home builders, CMR Construction coordinates every aspect of your design from its inception to its completion. We bring innovative design ideas and use revolutionary technology to design, plan, and build your dreams from
the foundation up.

Working with CMR Construction means working with over 30 years of experience. Our company comes highly recommended as the experts in luxury design, with demonstrated industry skills and use of quality materials on every build.

Custom Home Builder Cameron Rolf

Cameron Rolfe

Custom Home Builder Chandler Rolf

Chandler Rolfe

project manager
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Why CMR Construction are the Best Prestige Builders on the Gold Coast

As the best and most trusted prestige builders on the Gold Coast, we’ll work with you on creating your dream home from start to finish. You’ll be involved in the entire process. Any time you may not be clear about a part of the process, it’s our welcomed responsibility to keep you up to date and make sure you’re comfortable.

Once we’re clear on your prestige house design, we’ll give you a quote. This quote is a fixed-price contract, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges or surprises along the way.

What to Consider Before You Undertake Any Prestige Construction and Design

Building your dream home can take quite a bit of effort, however the time and energy you put in are always worth it when you finally see your dream become a reality. Beyond achieving your dreams, having your own home is also an important investment.

Prestige construction and design requires a lot of planning and research. That’s why, as expert prestige home builders CMR Constructions can build your dream home.

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First, the company you choose should have proven and extensive experience in the industry. Second, they need to be reliable—they should complete the project on time and within the established budget. Also, they should have a strong understanding of architectural design. CMR Construction offers all of this and more to our Gold Coast and Brisbane area clients.

3-D renderings enable the builder and buyer to better communicate on the design of the home. In addition, architectural renderings have a laundry list of benefits including

  • Realistic, easy, and quick to view and adjust
  • Images speak more than words (or blueprints)
  • Renderings create better marketing tools
  • Easier to understand by clients and the public
  • They greatly enhance the impact on project execution
  • Fewer instructions are needed and the bridge language barriers

For clients who are willing to pay top dollar and get the home of their dreams, there is no better solution than hiring custom home builders. Custom built homes allow you to control the total design of your home, right down to the minuscule details that make up every nook and cranny just as you want it. Additionally, custom home builders like CMR Construction are with you every step of the way providing expert suggestions, expert workmanship, and quality materials and will complete your custom built home on time and just as you visualised.

When you decide to renovate a home, you are bringing it “up to par” with local conditions, the neighbourhood, and current standards. When you can no longer bring a home up to meet standards or it financially and ethnically does not make sense, you need to tear it down and start from scratch. At CMR Construction, we can help you make the right decision with your Gold Coast property.

CMR Constructions have been in the business of building custom homes for over 30 years, we provide a full service offer, we project manage your custom build from initial design to final landscaping and handing over the keys. Having a custom built home with us is far less stressful as we are always there with you throughout the full process.
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