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Choosing a Gold Coast builder can be overwhelming, there are so many out there and so many things to look out for. 

Building a custom high end luxury home is not something you should take lightly, it is your dream home after all and one you have probably been working towards for a long time.

We have made it easy for you by putting together a list of what sets us apart from all the other Gold Coast builders and how to choose a custom home builder that is right for you! 

You are dealing with high end luxury home builders

When you think of CMR Constructions, you should think of high end luxury, not just in the homes we build, but in your entire building experience with us.

We build homes that can take anywhere from 10 – 18 months to build, which gives you an idea of the care and attention we put into each project. 

It also paints the picture of just how detailed and involved each project is. The architectural design of some of our longer builds is something other Gold Coast builders simply would not be able to execute. 

You won’t have to compromise on the quality of materials or the workmanship of your high end luxury home when working with us. We are absolute perfectionists and only hire those with the same high level skills plus care and attention. 

You will see this throughout your building journey with us.

You get your dream custom built new home

Custom is our middle name.

Because we have been in the business of custom built new homes for over 28 years, we truly have seen and done it all! 

This makes us incredibly knowledgeable and we are always brimming with ideas to make your life easier, more efficient and happier. 

You need a hidden built-in safe? We can concrete that into your build before the walls even go up! 

We help you decide whether you want to add extra bedrooms or create the wow factor with views from the front door through the house to the deck and beyond. 

You need to be given options and we are Gold Coast builders who can suggest them to you.

You get a luxury home that is interior design focused 

When custom designing your dream home, we don’t just think about the exterior and function of the building, we value interior design just as much! 

That’s why we partner with Mother-Daughter design duo, Eulanda and Amber, from Evoque Interiors to help make every inch of your house a home.

You get access to an extensive range of fixtures and finishes, helping you get the best value and functionality for your money. Plus someone to guide you and hone your vision into something tangible.

Evoque Interiors can help bring your vision to life quicker, cheaper and easier than you ever imagined.

You can meet with us after hours

We guide you through our process from start to finish, including everything you need to customise the interior and exterior of your new dream home.

You sit down with us for hours and work out exactly what you want like how many bedrooms you need, what the kitchen and living room look like and the colour schemes you love.  

We compile all that information and then we’ll present you with some basic plans and you can swap features in and out and move things around. You might do that four or five times and the process can take months, but we just want it to be perfect for you!

We do all of this planning with you before you have even signed a contract with us and don’t charge a cent. We believe in giving you quality and treat every build as if it is our own.

Catch up with us over FaceTime or Zoom, or in person at a time that suits you. If you can only meet after finishing work and after the kids have gone to bed, that is not a problem for us, we’ll be there.

Your prestige builder with no hidden surprises

You can trust us to get the job done within budget, on time, and deliver every detail of your vision.

You may have no idea what your vision is, you’re just staring at your vacant block of land wondering what could be. Here at CMR Constructions, we really hold your hand through the planning stages and our communication during build is fanatical. 

When it comes to budget, we totally understand that you need to know exactly what is going on throughout the build. At the start of the construction, you get given a ‘budget’ of what we think you should allow for all the fixtures, fittings and finer details you may not have decided on yet.

You receive meticulous communication from us around this budget for every room in your luxury home, throughout the project.

We even visit the showrooms with you and help you choose your kitchen fixtures and vanities for your bathrooms, giving you the costs along the way so you know exactly where your budget stands at all times.

We have 30+ years of experience building custom homes in and around the Gold Coast, including SouthportNerangBurleigh HeadsRobina, and more.

Get in touch today for a free consultation by filling out our Project Enquiry Form, or phone us on 07 5527 3333 or 0411 320 024 and have a chat with the best custom home builder on the Gold Coast.

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CMR Constructions
Combining creativity and functionality, CMR designs and builds high-end luxury homes for clients in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. From beach houses and new builds to renovations, extensions, and more, CMR is the team that will turn your concept into reality. We utilise our knowledge of design and architectural principles, our 3D-rendering technology, and the ideas of our customers to create unique and definitive builds.

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