Prestige Home Builders- ‌Knock‌ ‌Down‌ ‌&‌ ‌Rebuild‌ ‌

Are you ready for a clean slate on your property? CMR Gold Coast prestige home builders are here to help you knock down & rebuild your dream home in your dream location!

Sometimes the quickest way to get exactly the home you want is to start from scratch. At CMR, we assist clients in creating a home that suits them perfectly.

When families love their neighbourhood but live in a home that is failing to meet the demands of the modern world, a knockdown and rebuild option starts to look good.

When we suggest doing a knockdown and rebuild on a home, it allows a family to stay put and start again with a home that meets their every need.

Is rebuilding or remodelling right for your situation?

This strictly comes down to what the client wants in their space and the budget they are working with. If your budget does not extend to a complete rebuild, remodelling may be the answer.

However, if you want a better solution, a knockdown and rebuild may just be the building option for you.

Let us guide you through our process. Let us bring your rebuild to life through creative and conscious design.

Before we can even begin demolition, we need to go through the beginning stages of a knockdown and rebuild, which includes the local council permit process.

Included in our fixed price design and build, we help you complete and submit your application to the local council. Your entire project timetable relies heavily on obtaining the necessary local council demolition and building permits. In fact, it can take anywhere from 30-100+ days to get permission from the local council.

Once we have all the appropriate permits, the demolition and rebuild can take anywhere from 8-12 months for completion, dependent on the size, complexity, weather and site issues.

We are your demolition, design, and build team—all in one!

CMR Gold Coast prestige home builders is a one-stop-shop for everything you need in home building, remodelling, and more.

Anything home related is a big project but consider the pros and cons when you are getting ready to think about renovating your space.

Deciding to do a knockdown and rebuild comes with many advantages that our clients love, such as:-

  • Control of the project from conception through completion; there is no need to accommodate previous design features.
  • Your Gold Coast prestige home builder knows every detail of the design process and is not held accountable for a previous builder’s workmanship.
  • The budget is easier to manage with the homeowner in charge of every element.
  • The scope of the project may make a rebuild quicker than a remodel.

Additionally, we help clients save time and money on buying and selling because we can work on their property and give them a contemporary home they love. They can stay where they are and start again.

Next, our prestige home builders take your design plans and turn them into reality.

Our 30+ years of experience in building prestige developments given CMR an edge over the competition.

Our qualified tradespeople are experts in their craft and bring unparalleled skills to the table. Your design is completed from the ground up using quality materials and a solid build.

You’ll get what you want in your home with no details spared! Keep up to date on your knockdown and rebuild by staying in touch with your project manager throughout the entire build. It may be a big project, but with the correct procedures and schedule in place, CMR will complete it with minimal stress to you and your family.

If you want a quality home, CMR prestige home builders will deliver.

We have the manpower and know-how to get the project completed beyond customer expectations. Through our ever-expanding design and technology capabilities, you will receive a home that has everything you need and more in exchange for your old, outdated house.

Begin your knockdown and rebuild plans today by starting with a free consultation at CMR! We cannot wait to show you how we can deliver your dream home.

Is an extension in the future for your Gold Coast home?
Come visit us for a free consultation and see how we can turn your cramped space into functional living once more!


CMR Construction would love to hear about your custom home build or renovation plans. Are you ready to take the leap? Contact us today!

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